Malabrigo's classic!

The soft wick yarn knits like butter! And it emerges woolly

soft and absolutely scratch-free garments.

A beautiful, soft knitting yarn made from 100% merino wool from Uruguay

It is wonderfully suitable for sweaters, scarves and hats, which enchant with their pleasantly soft feel and lively colors.

100% merino

Run length: 192m / 100g

Needle size 4.5 - 6

Tension gauge: 18 sts by 10 cm

Consumption for a ladies sweater size 38 approx. 600g

Hand wash

Hand-dyed wool can vary in color depending on the batch. Please always order sufficient quantities for the planned project. The delivery situation at Malabrigo Europe is currently difficult. There are very long delivery times and usually only a very small part of the offer is in stock. If you're planning a larger project, ask about the amount available as a precaution.

I am happy to accept pre-orders for colors that are not available. However, long waiting times have to be expected.

Kira 2.JPG

Kira the cornflower


Size 99/104

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