The Merino sheep is the most popular sheep for wool production because of its very fine and absolutely scratch-free hair. Their fiber strength of 16.5 - 24 microns (1 micron = one thousandth of a millimeter) is about half as thick as the hair of other sheep breeds, which is why the hair feels so soft and fluffy.

Originally from North Africa, the Merino was settled very early (around 1200 AD) in Spain, where there are still large herds today. Later the robust and valuable sheep was also settled in South America and Australia / New Zealand. Due to the agonizing attitude and dubious breeding practices in Australia / New Zealand, the production of merino wool has rightly been criticized in recent years.

In the MariMar Strick Café you will find merino made mostly in South America and Europe, which meet all requirements for animal-friendly husbandry and care.