Wild wool

Wild Wool is a sustainable mix of wonderfully soft new wool with nettle. The wool comes from Corriedale sheep that live in the Punta Arenas region in Chile. The yarn is spun in Italy.

Nettle has been used in textiles for over 2000 years and is valued for its strength and durability. In this plant, only the long fiber is spun from the middle of the trunk.

Nettle grows lush in rainy areas, does not contain any pollutants or pesticides and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable.

By mixing it with high-quality wool, the special character of the nettle fiber is worked out positively and the wool content gives it volume and structure. This creates a wonderfully soft Aran-strength yarn despite the rather firm nettle fiber. The irresistible color palette is inspired by the wild.


Material: 85% wool / 15% viscose

Run length: 170m / 100g

Needle size: 4-5 mm

Tension gauge: 18 = 10 cm

Consumption for a ladies sweater size. 38 approx .: 500g

Care instructions: hand wash

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