We are KAL

(hindi: kal)  yesterday morning

KAL's wool comes from Ladakh in northern India.

Lambswool from Changthang in Ladakh is particularly high quality and fine. 
Refrain from processing raw materials
  the producers  aware of chemical additives, there  they are convinced of the natural quality of the materials. In this way, the manufacturers and the wearers benefit from the unadulterated quality of natural products and live and work in harmony with and respect for nature in the long term.

The nomads in Ladakh live primarily from the products of their animals.  

The project promotes in  Changthang production of  Yak, sheep's wool and lamb's wool that is weighed with the help of a stick and a stone - a traditional, old technique from Changthang. This wool is then transported over the Taglang Pass with the help of horses. 
This pass, with an altitude of 5300m, leads to the capital of Ladakh, Leh. The wool is washed, spun and woven by settled nomads near the city of Leh or sent on as knitting wool.