Vegan wool

All non-animal fibers can be described as vegan wool. These include cotton, linen, ramie, etc.

Many understand vegan wool to include all synthetically produced wool. We consciously refrain from using synthetic fibers because the fiber does not meet our requirements for sustainable materials:

- Synthetic fibers such as polyamide or polyester that are used to produce knitting wool are, strictly speaking, nothing more than plastics.

- The basis for the production of plastics is crude oil, the extraction of which is associated with high ecological consequences such as: contamination of water bodies, air pollution, death of plant species, etc.

- In order to be able to manufacture synthetic fibers, sometimes toxic and allergy-causing chemicals are used which, depending on their sensitivity, can lead to skin irritation in some people.

- If polyamides get into our waters or our environment, they cause great damage. In the case of clothes, this happens very easily via the washing machine, in which the smallest fiber particles are rubbed off and get into the sewage. The sewage treatment plants are not able to filter out such tiny parts and the so-called microplastics are distributed even in our own drinking water and our food.

- If a garment made of synthetic fibers is no longer needed, it would have to be disposed of separately like all other plastics.

Plastics do not rot. Unlike a cotton or wool sweater, which we could actually throw into our compost.

Here you can find our range of vegetable knitting yarns:

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Vegetarian wool - veggie wool

Vegetarian wool is understood to mean all animal wool that comes from animals that are not slaughtered or killed.

Most of our farm animals are killed and taken to the slaughterhouse as soon as they can no longer serve their "purpose". For many  people  - This is an untenable condition not only for vegetarians, which is why they often rely on animal fibers for yours  Do without clothing and switch to synthetic fibers.

That is a shame and also not environmentally friendly -  especially  The unbeatable properties of wool can hardly be replaced by synthetic fibers.

For this reason, I constantly try to get wool that comes from animals in sanctuaries. The animals can spend a peaceful retirement here. Your wool may not be quite as soft as it was when you were young  - but it still has great properties. 


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Izzy Lane

100% veggie wool
Barrel length: 168m / 50g
Needle size: 2
  - 3  mm