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Tussah tweed

Tussah silk is a so-called wild silk, as it is obtained from the cocoons of wild oak silk moths, which have not yet been successfully farmed. Typical of silk are its stability and its ability to enhance the brilliance of colors. For this reason, it is not only suitable for hand knitting, but also for the knitting machine and for weaving and embroidery.

Look tweed has a very soft feel and remains amazingly dimensionally stable even after washing.

Wild silk is usually only collected after the butterfly has hatched. However, it happens that cocoons are also collected in which the doll is still located.

Material: 100% silk
Run length: 250m / 50g
Needle size: 2.5-3.5 mm
Tension gauge: 24 = 10 cm
Consumption for a ladies sweater size. 38 approx .: 300g
Hand wash cold
Warning: A lot of dye is needed to dye silk in these deep colors. It is therefore possible that the knitted piece bleeds a little when it is washed for the first time or that it rubs off a little when it is worn. We recommend rinsing it in cold water before wearing it for the first time.

You can find instructions with Tussah Tweed here