Tibetan Cloud Wool

Tibetan Cloud is made from 100% Tibetan sheep wool,

which is obtained according to ethical principles and

can be traced back to the herd.

It comes exclusively from an ancient breed of Tibetan sheep,

those free on the grasslands of the Tibetan plateau in one

Height of over 4000 mt. roam.


Out of deep respect for the welfare of the animals, the nomads shear the sheep by hand, as has been the tradition for centuries. The wool is collected according to the natural rhythms of the animals and the people who raise them. The Tibetan sheep are a very strong breed that has adapted to fairly harsh environmental conditions. They are also found in semi-desert areas, and one of those poorer areas was chosen to raise this collection in order to provide better income for these communities.


The wool is spun and dyed in Biella / Italy.

The wool is very soft and does not scratch at all.

Material: 100% sheep wool

Run length: 300m / 100g

Needle size 3.5 - 5.5

Tension gauge: M / R on 10 cm

Consumption for a women's sweater size 38 approx. G

Hand wash