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Semilla Melange is one of our most popular yarns in the entire range for a reason.
It has the typical properties of a carded yarn: the running length is considerable despite its voluminous character and can already score points in the price-performance ratio. The rustic look arises from the fact that the individual hairs are not combed and sorted out until almost all the fibers are parallel, as is the case with worsted yarn, but the curls can be a little criss-cross and thus create the beautiful volume. The raw material yield is also higher with carded yarn than with worsted yarn.
The raw wool for Semilla Melange comes from Argentina and is spun and dyed in Turkey according to GOTS guidelines. Every stage of the production process is tested and certified according to GOTS criteria. From the happy sheep on the meadow, to the dyes, to the spinning process, the consumption of energy and resources, and last but not least: the well-being of all employees along the entire production chain.

Semilla Melange is ideal for light, rustic sweaters and jackets. But hats and scarves also become something special with this airy, fluffy yarn.

Material: 100% new wool
Run length: 175m / 50g
Needle size: 4-5 mm
Tension gauge: 18 = 10 cm
Consumption for a ladies sweater size. 38 approx .: 400g
Hand wash or on a gentle wool cycle at 30 ° C

Instructions from Semilla Melange on Ravelry can be found here

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