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The raw material for the organic new wool SEMILLA comes from guaranteed mulesing-free farms in Argentina, it is spun in Italy. The raw material is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.
This means that the sheep are kept according to recognized organic standards, are lovingly and gently shorn and are only given antibiotics in absolutely exceptional cases.

The colors used are also produced according to the GOTS standard. This means that they are free from pollutants such as toxic heavy metals and are biodegradable. In exceptional cases, this can have an effect on the lightfastness, because in order to make a color 100% lightfast, chemicals are used that an eco-dye must not contain.
Only the production process is not certified. Certifying a spinning mill is a complex process that would make the yarn unnecessarily expensive.

Semilla Gross is a very soft wool yarn, well suited for sweaters and thicker children's clothing

100% virgin wool

Barrel length 80m / 50g

Needle size 5-7mm

Tension 16M / 10cm

Consumption for a women's sweater size 38, approx. 600g

Care instructions:

Hand wash with a mild wool detergent
No machine wash!

Semilla Grosso GOTS - partly already available