Satuul Sheep

The Sartuul sheep has an extremely soft undercoat that feels almost like cashmere. It comes from the province of Zavhkan and has been herded with other animals in Mongolia for centuries.

The hair of these sheep is washed and carded on site to be spun and processed in Mongolia or Nepal.

Despite constant training of the spinners, as well as very high quality standards, small irregularities can occur in the hand-spun yarn.


Material: 100% sheep wool

Barrel length: 265m / 50g

Needle size 2.5 - 3.5

Tension gauge: 24 sts by 10 cm

Consumption for a ladies sweater size 38 approx. 350g


Hand wash


Unfortunately, due to the current situation with the Covid virus, the transport route from Mongolia to Nepal is closed. For us this means that not all colors are in stock and cannot be delivered for an indefinite period of time.