A specialty among the knitting yarns.

sari  will  from recycled silk, which is made in an Indian workshop of the partner Fonty in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of the Indian subcontinent.  Here the workers transform broken saris and unsold goods (magnificent traditional silk fabrics in iridescent colors that dress Indian women) into long strips of fabric that are put together and twisted into colorful ribbons.  

The SARI yarn is hand spun with a heavy twist applied to these ribbons to form a fine strand. It is an original material that is fun to knit and gives the works a unique personality, a colorful lightness and an amazing elasticity. The colors are random and vary from one strand to the other, but always colorful and cheerful. This yarn can be hand washed in cold water with mild soap (Marseille soap, organic if possible).

Material: 100% recycled silk saris

Run length: no details yet

Needle size 3.5 - 4.5

Tension gauge: M / R on 10 cm

Hand wash  with mild detergent