Cashmere from Kyrgyzstan

From the great heights of these Central Asian high mountain ranges originate - largely unnoticed by the general public - cashmere and yak natural fibers, which are among the finest, lightest and softest in the world. Yarns made from these precious fibers are many times warmer than conventional wool, are considerably lighter and have a unique, fine feel. The following still applies to exclusive luxury labels as well as to the experienced hand knitter: “once cashmere, always cashmere”.  That's how they describe  Owner of Pamir the yarn.

Cashmere yarn has been traditionally produced and processed in Kyrgyzstan for centuries. That  Cashmere from this region is considered to be one of the finest in the world.

Two young men from Zurich visited and got to know the farmers on site, were fascinated by their way of life and the herds of Kashmiri goats and decided to support these farmers with secure purchases and fair payment.


Pamir Kashmir stands for durability, resistance and low pilling, which has been confirmed in independent laboratory tests for abrasion resistance:  up to 45% higher resistance than comparable cashmere yarns.

Since the wool is unwashed and untreated, it is a little harder to grip on the ball  -  the uniquely warm, soft and light properties of cashmere fibers develop with wear and washing.

A hand wash before wearing for the first time is recommended.


This unique luxury wool develops its full volume  only after washing once or twice.