Sock yarn from Opal

Opal is one of the leading producers of sock yarn in Germany. Known for the stunningly beautiful color gradients and the built-in patterns.

The company is also committed to maintaining the migrant sheep farm and donates to projects that fight against the deforestation of the rainforest. Our range includes both "sheep godparents" and "rainforest" wool.

You can find more about the sheep sponsorship here

about the commitment in the rainforest here

Sheep Godfather XI - The wisdom of the sheep

The sheep jumps high, the sheep jumps far

why not, there is time :)


4 - compartment  

Material: 75% virgin wool, 25% polyamide

425 m / 100g

Needle size: 2.5 - 3 mm

Tension gauge: 30M - 42R / 10cm  

Machine washable at 40 °


100g is enough for a pair of socks up to size 46