Natural bast made of paper / wood fiber

No matter if hat, bag or basket.

A lot is possible with natural bast - and even more sustainable ...

The material is water resistant

Material: 100% other fiber (paper)

Run length: 153m / 100g

Needle size: 3.5-5.0 mm

Care instructions: can be wiped off with a damp cloth, may fade in strong light

This beautiful natural bast is made from paper, but is still water-resistant. Thanks to the innovative production process, it is possible to produce practically endlessly long "threads" which, in contrast to conventional natural bast, which always has a very short run length, can be processed into larger knitted and crocheted pieces without knotting. Ideas: crocheted or knitted hats, bags or place mats / doilies. Very nice to combine with several colors.
The instructions for the green hat can be found at ("Basthut Constanze"). You need 2 roles.
Caution: Bast crochets differently than wool or cotton. Allow a little more time for your projects.


The instructions for the green hat can be found at