Mondim is a fine Portuguese wool yarn intended for the manufacture of socks. It does not contain synthetic fibers and is not chemical  treated.

The colors 100 and 300 are natural colors and not colored.

José Leite de Vasconcelos described the women from Mondim da Beira in 1933  as "homemade wool industry":

The women from Mondim  never stop making stockings: they walk slowly with a mug of water on their head, sit in a corner of a back yard or even  in a sunny place, in the evening, in a shop or in the kitchen. Knitting all the time.

Well - if you can  Seeing the great wool, it's clear why women don't stop knitting socks ...

Colorful shades are made by machine, but in a very artisanal way.

This leads to discrepancies between the batches.

Material: 100% wool from Portugal

Run length: 385m / 100g

Needle size 2 - 4mm

Tension gauge: 24 - 32M / 30 - 48R on 10 cm

Hand wash