Maxi wool

Material: 100% virgin wool

Run length: 80m / 100g

Needle size: 10-12 mm

Tension gauge: 8 = 10 cm


Consumption for a ladies sweater size. 38 approx .: 900g


Care instructions: hand wash


This rustic, thick yarn with the British Wool Label is voluminous and soft and a great material for casual, fashionable knitting.

During the manufacturing process, the Maxi Wool is steamed twice - so every single fiber is optimally prepared for the dyeing process and the color can penetrate deeply. This is how these cheerful, lovingly developed, rich colors are created - probably the most colorful selection of colors among the Erika Knight yarns.
This yarn by Erika Knight also guarantees that the sheep come from the British Isles and that it is produced there.