Iceland wool

The sheep live in Iceland  almost all year round  Free wherever they go  are exposed to extreme weather conditions on the island close to the Arctic Circle. They are only brought into the stable in the deepest winter months so that they do not starve to death in the icy northern winter.  Due to the rough weather, they develop a very dense fur, which is only sheared by the farmers in spring.

The upper hair of the sheep, tog, is very long-fibered and robust. The softer under hair, Thel, is finer. 

The wool processing takes place using  of Iceland's natural resources, with a minimum of detergents and other auxiliaries. 

In this way, using the tog and thel fibers,  the slightly wacky  Lopi  Yarn, which is popular for its mohair-like character.   

A sweater made from Icelandic wool has an optimal thermal climate. In winter it offers protection from the cold and, depending on the thickness and type of knit, can replace a winter coat. But the wool also provides cozy warmth on cooler summer days. 

Important NOTE!

The supply situation for Icelandic wool is currently very difficult. There are hardly any left because the demand has risen so sharply. Accordingly, not all colors are available in large quantities here either.  

It is worth asking briefly before ordering - especially from Lett Lopi - thank you;)


Lett Lopi

100% Icelandic wool
Run length: 100m / 50g
Needle size: 5.5 - 5 mm



100% Icelandic wool
Run length: 250m / 50g
Needle size: 2-6mm


North Cape

100% Iceland wool
Run length: 100m / 100g
Needle size: 5 mm