Lana  Grossa is one of the leading brands for the production of wool for knitting and crocheting. The range is huge and changes constantly.

For some time now, the company has been trying to include brands in its range that have a GOTS seal. A good reason for the MariMar Strick Café to have these brands in its own  To include assortment.

Not all of Lana’s wool  Grossa is mulesing-free. However, we offer a mulesing-free and / or organic alternative to each of these brands, which are the same in material and barrel length.

What is meant here is:

Cool Wool:  Alternative: Rosy Green / Cheaky Merino Joy   & Cool Wool Melange

Cool Wool Big:   Alternative: Munja / Vetsch spinning mill  & Cool Wool Big Melange

Bingo:   BC Garn / Semilla Grosso  & Bingo Melange

Not all colors are always in stock or available. We will inform you about availability when you place an order


cool wool & melange  

100% merino
Run length: 160m / 50g
Needle size: 3 - 3.5 mm


cool wool big & melange  

100% merino
Run length: 120m / 50g
Needle size: 3 - 3.5 mm


Bingo & melange  

100% merino
Run length: 80m / 50g
Needle size: 4.5 - 5.5 mm


Hand Dyed Edition

Ecopuno, Silkhair, Cool Wool & Cool Wool big

in beautiful color gradients


solo lino

80% recycled linen, 20% linen

Run length: 120m / 50g

Needle size: 3.5-4



100% cotton GOTS
Run length: 90m / 50g
Needle size: 5-5.5 mm



72% cotton, 17% new wool, 11% alpaca
Run length: 215m / 50g
Needle size: 4 - 4.5 mm



Organic cotton

Barrel length:  115m / 50g

Needle size 6 - 6.5



45% organic new wool, 40% organic cotton, 15% cashmere

Barrel length:  105m / 50g

Needle size 5.5 - 6