Jaipur Peace Silk  

Non-violent silk from Thailand with the best properties that we love about silk

Material: 100% Eri silk - Peace Silk

Run length: 300m / 50g

Needle size 2 - 3

Tension gauge: 24 sts by 10 cm

Consumption for a ladies sweater size 38 approx. 300g

Care instructions: Hand wash - silk can bleed a little, which can be avoided with a dash of vinegar in the wash water


We have been looking for a supplier for "non-violent silk" for a long time! Did you know that the cocoons with the caterpillars are boiled in order to obtain mulberry silk, i.e. the premium silk that is obtained by unwinding the cocoon?

The Jaipur Peace Silk is silk from the Eri silk worm, which spins its cocoon differently. Then the silk cocoons are scratched so the caterpillars can escape before the cocoons are cooked. This elaborate process is practiced on the silk farm in the northeast of Thailand, from where the raw silk for our Jaipur Peace Silk comes.

The Eri silk is not quite as smooth and shiny as mulberry silk, but rather dry, a bit like Bourette silk, but more evenly. It has even better climatic properties than mulberry silk.

According to our information, BC Garn is so far the only one to offer this type of non-violent mulberry silk as hand knitting yarn!

The exception is KAL with the mixed yarns we offer

The bright colors and a perfectly smooth fiber structure make complicated knitting patterns particularly clear. The great climate properties of silk make this yarn a super comfortable all-rounder. In summer the yarn cools, in winter a silk sweater is perfect for heated rooms where a wool sweater would be too warm.
Attention: The smooth structure is only retained with the right care: Please only wash by hand!

Oh yes: Vegetable fibers and silk do not have their own elasticity and are rather heavy compared to other animal fibers. This means that knitted pieces made of silk or cotton or viscose hang a little. This can be prevented by using an appropriate knitting pattern, for example a cable pattern. Or you can simply calculate 5 to 10% "extra length" and knit the piece a little shorter.

Caution: Since silk requires a lot of dye, it may bleed a little the first time it was washed. On the other hand, a little vinegar essence in the rinse water helps.

The pictures do not yet exactly match the original colors because the delivery has not yet arrived.


Jaipur Peace Silk can be delivered from around the end of October.

We gladly accept pre-orders