Gossypium Cotton

Even the word "Gossypium" sounds mysterious - it is simply the Latin name for the cotton plant ...

Erika Knight has this wonderful loose, soft all year round

and baby thread developed with a lot of love.

She found an environmentally conscious one in the Hisar district in India

Producers, the Gossypium under the fairest possible

Creating working conditions and promoting his

Employees are very important.

This very best quality cotton grows in the direct vicinity of the spinning mill. In every production step, the greatest care is taken to produce a yarn that is unique for the knitters of the world.

Erika Knight derived the color palette from the chalky pastel shades of British Blue Wool. Like the instructions for this yarn (unfortunately only available in English at the moment), “Gossypium” also bears Erika's typical handwriting.

Instructions on ravelry can be found here

material: 100% cotton

Run length: 100m / 50g

Needle size: 3.5-4 mm

Tension gauge: 22 = 10 cm

Consumption for a ladies sweater size. 38 approx .: 500g

Machine wash