Fluffy mohair

The Fluffy Mohair from Cowgirl Blues is practically the big sister of the fine kidsilk! Perfect for everyone who likes it a little thicker, but doesn't want to do without the fluff of a mohair yarn. The yarn is extremely economical. For a short sweater knitted with a needle size 8 mm, you only need 200g.

Fluffy mohair should be processed very loosely so that it can unfold its full softness.
The mohair comes from South Africa and is dyed by hand there with a lot of love and expertise. The mottled colors are made up of the same basic colors as the solids (uni) and thus result in exciting and harmonious colors. They can be combined excellently.

Material: 78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon

Run length: 200m / 100g

Needle size 8

Tension gauge: approx. 9M / 14R on 10 cm

Consumption for a ladies sweater size 38 approx. 300g

Hand wash

Attention: balls / strands from the same lot number can also vary greatly, as the color penetrates the individual strands very differently, especially with this thick yarn. We recommend working alternately 1 row from the old and 1 row from the new shortly before switching from one ball to the other.