i is the oldest member of the "NÉOUX - GUÉRET - AUBUSSON - FELLETIN" yarn family.  This is the name of the towns and villages in the Creuse, a department in the middle of France. It  consists of 100% long and fine merino fibers (21 microns), which give it an exceptionally soft feel.  


With a relatively strong twisting of the individual threads, this gets wool  Resistance, elasticity and volume. FELLETIN is a thick one  Yarn that can be knitted with needles numbered 8 to 10.


The wool is made with a mild wool detergent  machine washable.  It is better to avoid spinning and dry flat in the open air instead.  

Material: 100% merino from France / Creuse

Run length: 80m / 100g

Needle size 7 - 8

Tension gauge: 11M / 16R on 10 cm

Consumption for a women's sweater size 38 approx. 350g approx. 900g

Hand wash, or with a mild detergent on the wool cycle