Erika Knight is a designer, author and innovator. Her mission is to create yarns outside the mainstream with the "typically British look and feel". She is the master of colors and cuts. The color palette is unusual, all colors harmonize with each other and each yarn has its own color language. Amazingly, all these colors suit almost every woman. How does she do it? She has worked as a consultant in the fashion industry for years. This knowledge flows into their unusual designs as well as into their yarn collection. In 2019 Erika Knight decided to concentrate her creative energy on what she burns for: her passion for design and sustainability. So she handed over the brand and sales to Britta and Carsten Kremke from Selected Yarns. The brand still retains its typical British look. Britta and Carsten develop the brand further in Erika's sense.

Wild Wool.jpg

Wild wool

85% wool; 15% nettle
Run length: 170m / 100g
Needle size: 5 mm



100% cotton
Run length: 100m / 50g
Needle size: 3.5-4 mm

Bild 1.jpg

Big vintage wool


100% virgin wool
Run length: 122m / 100g
Needle size: 5 - 6 mm


For wool


97% virgin wool, 3% nylon
Run length: 40m / 100g
Needle size: 10 - 12 mm


Maxi wool

100% virgin wool
Barrel length: 80 m / 100g
Needle size: 10 - 12 mm

Studio Linen.jpg

Studio Linen

85% Leinen Viskose, 15% Leinen
Lauflänge: 120m/50g
Nadelstärke: 3.5 - 4 mm