Cyrano is a wool yarn made from soft French Merino d'Arles and black Portuguese Merino for the mixed color. The wool comes from organic animal husbandry.  

It has a very round structure with 5 layers, which is perfect for cables or normal stitches.

Cyrano is available in four natural colors - "sel", "poivre blanc", "poivre et sel" and "poivre" and a range of plain or subtle mottled colors.

Run length: 150m / approx. 100 g *       * (the weight varies slightly from 95 to 105 g.)

Tension gauge: 14 - 16M / 20 - 22 rows - 10x10cm

Needle size:  5 to 6 mm  


Care: We recommend hand washing in warm (not hot) water with gentle soap. Lay the fabric flat to air dry.