Cowgirl Blues stands for wonderful hand-dyed mohair and merino from Cape Town / South Africa

- produced fairly and with love.

The yarn is made from the wool of sheep and mohair goats that live in the Karoo area and parts of the southern, western and eastern Cape. South Africa is known for its high quality mohair.

It is washed, combed and (partly by hand) spun in regional companies.

Bridget Henderson and her team of women then dye the yarns with dyes according to the European Ökotex standard


Knitting set

Wonderful set for baby blankets and scarves


kid silk solids

70% mohair, 30% silk
Run length: 205m / 25g
Needle size: 2-5 mm


Fluffy mohair

78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon
Run length: 200m / 100g
Needle size: 8 mm


Merino single lace

100% merino

300m / 50g

Needle size 2-3

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kid silk

70% mohair, 30% silk
Run length: 410m / 50g
Needle size: 2-5 mm