Coeur de Angora

The long search for animal-friendly Angora wool has paid off:

The COEUR D'ANGORA yarn consists of 80% French angora rabbit hair and 20% merino sheep fleece. Fonty selects the angora rabbit hair from the latest traditional French breeding farms. They have all subscribed to the Angora de France charter, which defines good practices to ensure animal welfare and the quality of the fleece.  


The combination of these two extraordinary fibers (Angora, Merino) and the unique manufacturing process that is used (especially for the crucial lint phase) results in an incredibly supple, soft, vaporous, delicate and swelling yarn.  

Material: 80% angora, 20% merino

Barrel length: 108m / 25g

Needle size 4 - 4.5

Tension gauge: 25M / 32R on 10 cm

Consumption for a ladies sweater size 38 approx. 250g

Hand wash or with mild detergent for wool