100% merino for thick winter sweaters, scarves and hats

Material: 100% merino

Run length: 80m / 50g

Needle size: 4 - 4.5

Tension gauge: 16M / 23R on 10 cm

Consumption for a ladies sweater size 38 approx. 550g


Care: Use a mild detergent on the wool cycle

Bingo is produced conventionally. That means animal welfare, working conditions and sustainability are being postponed in favor of a low price.

BC Garn offers a mulesing-free alternative to bingo with Semilla Grosso  in the same length and almost the same gauge.

The entire Bingo Melange color palette is now produced in GOTS certified quality.

For me this means that I will take the non-certified bingo piece by piece from the permanent range.

If you wish, you can still order all colors; without minimum purchase!