BC Garn was founded in 1972 as a family company. BC stands for Bo Carstensen, who runs the company together with his wife Marianna, who came to the company a little later. Bo's mother was a weaver and because she couldn't find the yarns and colors on the market that she needed for her work, she began to develop yarns herself and have them produced.
Today BC Garn develops a wide variety of hand and machine knitting yarns, always from the highest quality raw materials and in most cases even produced according to Oeko Tex or GOTS guidelines.


Tussah Tweed

100% Seide
Lauflänge: 250m/50g
Nadelstärke: 2,5-3,5 mm


Summer in Kaschmir​

90% Baumwolle, 10% Kaschmir


Nadelstärke: 2,5 - 3,5 


Semilla Grosso

100% Öko -Schurwolle

80m / 50g

Nadelstärke 5-7

Baby Alpaka

100% Alpaka
Lauflänge: 250m/50g
Nadelstärke: 2.5 - 4 mm


Bio - Baumwolle

50g = ca. 160m Lauflänge

Nadelstärke 3 - 3.5


Semilla Melange

100% Schurwolle

Lauflänge m / 50g

Nadelstärke 4-5mm

Hamelton 2

100% Schurwolle
Lauflänge: 60m/50g
Nadelstärke: 6 - 8 mm

Jaipur Silk Fino

Jaipur Silk Fino

100% Seide

300m / 50g

Nadelstärke 2-3



100% Leinen

150m / 50g

Nadelstärke 3-4

Hamelton Tweed 2

90% Wolle 10% Viskose
Lauflänge: 60m/50g
Nadelstärke: 6 - 8 mm

Bio Balance

55% Wolle / 45% Baumwolle
Lauflänge: 225m/50g
Nadelstärke: 3-4 mm


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