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Cotton is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Their versatility is particularly useful for the clothing industry. It is very robust, durable and very breathable. On the skin it has a rather cooling character. Cotton can absorb up to 65% of its own weight in liquid, which is why it is also often used as underwear or in hygiene areas. In addition, cotton also has a high degree of dirt and oil absorption, but is also able to release them again. Cotton is very skin-friendly and does not scratch .....

the ideal material for knitting light summer sweaters or scarves.

The quality of the cotton is determined by its stacking resp. Fiber length assessed. The longer the stack length, the higher the quality it is. The highest quality cotton comes from Egypt (Mako cotton) or Peru (Pima cotton).

In the conventional cultivation of cotton, a lot of mineral fertilizers and pesticides are used, which can later trigger severe skin reactions or allergies in consumers. A good reason to find out more about how the cotton was made and whether it meets international standards for organic cultivation.