Anna & Juan

«Anna & Juan» stands for a collective that was launched in 2011 by the two designers Josefina Eliggi and Luzius Schnellmann.

On their homepage they describe that the label is dedicated to the design of sustainable textiles using vegetable dyes.

The label conducts intensive research on locally produced materials, vegetable color resources and old dye recipes.

The aim is not only to revive traditional textile techniques, but also to apply them in new and contemporary ways. The project intends to design responsibly, to increase the longevity of textiles, to raise awareness and to form a network. «Anna & Juan» are keen to work with other companies and people with similar values.

(Self-description on the anna & juan homepage)


Merino, naturally colored

Running meters per 100 g: 350 m / 383 yd

Needle size: 3 - 4 mm / US: 3 - 6
Weight type: sport

Tension 10cm = 26M / 36R
Twisting: fourfold
Raw yarn: GOTS-, kbT-certified and mulesing-free
Fiber origin: South America

Colored with natural, vegetable colors