The alpaca (Vicugna Pacos) comes from the Andes and is a relative of the camel. You feel most comfortable in groups.

The wool of the good-natured alpaca is very soft and does not scratch. Their warming properties are probably due to the rough climate in which the alpacas are exposed in the high mountain ranges of the South American Andes. Compared to sheep's wool, it is warmer and finer, has a lower fat content and has a fine, silky sheen.

As a rule, alpacas are sheared once a year. We are talking about a care harness that regulates your heat balance in the warm season and is prescribed by a veterinarian.

Meanwhile there are also breeders in Germany and Switzerland who keep alpaca. Partly because of their good-natured nature, which is why alpacas are also used in therapy, partly because of their soft and warm wool. But alpacas are also increasingly used as guardians of flocks of sheep.

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